Dr Michelle La Masa Schrader

The foundation of Recall Healing



During the webinar:

1. Background of Recall Healing
2. Iceberg - the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind
- tip of the iceberg
- life experience
- generational patterns
3. Real-life stories
4. Brief discussion about brain cancer and issues

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See the interview before the webinar:


Dr Michelle La Masa Schrader

Michelle is the director of Recall Healing USA and the assistant director of Recall Healing International Institute. She has completed several research projects in Recall Healing, including her dissertation research. She is a member of the scientific advisory board for Recall Healing International. Michelle works with individuals educating them about the possible source of their illness and teaches skills in which individuals can access their internal wisdom for self-care and transformation.

She holds Master Degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies and a doctorate in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University. She is certified through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and holds certificates in Neuroemotional Technique and Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is an adjunct professor with the Academy for Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, as well as several colleges and universities. Her passion is in Recall Healing and helping individuals walk through their health journey.

Opinions about the webinar

Darby Jordan

As a person who deals with more mental blocks I really enjoy learning more on moving that energy away & out of our bodies! This is an area I will be concentrating on in the coming 2019 New Year. I absolutely love Michelle and learning from her! Thank you for giving time and positive energy for us and to Recall Healing! Thank you and look forward to more Webinars in the future! Blessings, Darby Jordan