Jacqueline Rolandelli i Basia Pączkowska

Sacred Feminine & Sisterhood



During the webinar:

My work and background
Healing the feminine – releasing the collective shame and guilt women carry, the connection to the earth and our Mothers and sexuality
When we do this how this heals betrayal and brings us into greater trust and inner authority and reconnects us with our own authentic expression.
Bringing us into vulnerable awareness and openness to re-connect in true sisterhood- free of competition and pain.
Discussion about my healing and work with Basia
Gozo and its mythical lands – connection to the Divine Mother Goddess
working together to share gifts

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See the interview before the webinar:


Jacqueline Rolandelli i Basia Pączkowska

I am a Priestess Mama, Healer and Teacher from New York currently living in Malta. I am devoted to facilitating safe loving spaces for men and women to awaken, and soften into their true power. I am completely enamored by the Holy Womb of creation and the reclamation of our deep feminine wisdom. I offer private sessions, Women's Circles, Retreats and Rites of Passage Worldwide!
My Training: Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Shamanism, Esoteric Mysticism from both Eastern and Western traditions. I am currently a student of the Saint,Sri Kaleshwar of the Divine Lineage, as well as a student and teacher with The Fountain of Life.

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