Connie Kaplan

Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice



During the webinar:

"Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice" Connie Kaplan

What you will learn:

∙ An explanation of how this particular way of working with dreams came to be
∙ A new definition for the understanding and interpreting of dreams
∙ An explanation of how the moon influences our dreaming patterns
∙ A description of the thirteen types of dreams that we’ve identified in our 28 years of working in this way
∙ Some of the ways I work with people internationally

Connie Kaplan

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See the interview before the webinar:


Connie Kaplan

Connie Kaplan is a spiritual teacher who lives in Los Angeles, California.

In 1986 Connie was struck with a mysterious illness that sent her to bed for over 18 months, ending a successful career in television production. She slept most of the time while she was ill, and did a lot of dreaming. The work that she shares with the world now, she was actually taught “in the dream” by dream-teachers. In the years since her recovery she has undergone a number of mystical experiences during which she received valuable spiritual information about dreaming and the true nature of human incarnation.

Through her books, she shares that information with you:

📕 The Woman’s Book of Dreams
📗 Dreams are Letters from the Soul
📘 The Invisible Garment
📙 A Colorful Life

Neither a guru nor a channel, Dr. Kaplan is simply a powerful and popular spiritual instructor whose revolutionary information does not point toward the teacher, but rather toward the unique and genuine wisdom of the student.

Dr. Kaplan holds Master’s degrees in Communications and Psychology and a Doctorate of Ministry.

Opinions about the webinar


I think it was a great choice to have Connie on the webinar. This was an excellent way to spread the message that there is very specific dreaming knowledge we need to be aware of. Loved the information and the questions. I appreciate the hosts clarity.

Jessica Verduci

I have read the women's book of dreams, dreams are letters from the soul and I have done some of the invisible garment courses. What I learned from this webinar was that a sincere dreamers questions evoke the most beautiful flow of dreaming knowledge from the dream teacher and hearing it makes this knowledge strike deeper in my being. I loved and appreciate this webinar, thank you.

Lauren Nicole Aiken

I absolutely loved this webinar. Connie is wonderful, I had her do a reading for me and my husband and I listen to my “I am” mantras at least once a month! I’ve been getting more understand of the moon cycles with my journey, and I love how Connie mentions to pay attention to the phase and the sign it is in at your birth and to pay attention to when those personal dreams come through. The idea of sharing with a group your dreams so we can see what is from the collective and what is personal... just love love love this!! This is the way of the future, as it was the way of our past.

Ewa Tyczkowska

This was a very interesting webinar to me. I think, the first time in my life I heard that our dreams are not based on a psychological ground but completely different
While webinar we had a chance to get to know about 13 different type of dreams or how to make our own dream pattern. Also what information we should gather almost each day.

However, l found a Very interesting information about powerful dreaming days that they can reconnect us to the purpose of our incarnation.

That was Touché!!!!

Thank you Connie for sharing your time and knowledge