The advantages of calm breathing trough the nose

Author Wiktoria Szczęch

This month I had the amazing oppurtunity to learn more about my breath and exactly what is the definition of healthy breathing through a podcast meeting with Patrick McKeown – who is an internationally acclaimed, Moscow accredited Buteyko practitioner.

Best selling author of ‘The Oxygen Advantage’,’Close Your Mouth’,’Asthma Free Naturally’. After this interview I realised the power of breathing through the nose and become much more aware of the potencial illnesses of breathing through the mouth.

Who knew it was this simple but this unknown to our conventional medical healthcare? I am sure you will enjoy this one.

In the podcast you will learn:

  • How Patrick found this unique approach towards breathing?
  • What is the definition of healthy breathing?
  • How breath can influence our sleep?
  • What are the benefits of this method?
  • How can it affect asthma or our teeth?
  • Serious cases that were cured with the Buteyko method
  • The true original form of yogic breathing
  • How to cure anxiety with this method
  • How unhealthy can shape the feautures of our face.


Polecane strony:

  • ButeykoClinic – Patrick McKeown
  • Our webinar registration:
  • Buteyko Books:


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