Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  • 1. General Information
  1. These terms mentioned (reffered to as the terms of use) regulate the terms and conditions of using the webiste under the adress mindbodyspirit.com.pl (reffered to as the webisite) and the rules of the provision of services through it and the terms of selling products available at this website.
  2. Without any obligations each person may view the resources of the website, but the moment of performing any activities at this webiste (for example: by placing an order), such person becomes its User and declares that he has fully read these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, fully agrees with the provisions contained in it and obligates to fully comply according to them – otherwise, anyone who disagrees with the above should refrain from using the services given in this webiste, and the Administrator has the right to refuse such a person to provide services and sell any products offered on this website.
  3. The administrator of Personal Data (APD) – the company providing the service – is Mind Body Investment LTD 22 Pershore Drive, Branston, Burton-On-Trent, United Kingdom, DE14 3TY Company number 11310086 (referred to as the Administrator).
  4. Data Personal Data Processors (PDOs), ie entities that will process these data, are:

Mind Body Investment Paweł Dempc, 958-129-41-42; ul. Żwirki i Wigury 32/1 84-230 Rumia (domain owner)

TFB Group company with limited liability with a registered office in Kraków (31-150 Kraków, St. Filipa 23/4) registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Kraków – Śródmieście, Division XI of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000499144, NIP 6762474679 , REGON 12304891600000 (owner of the Getall.pl mailing service)

UAB “MailerLite” Address: Paupio 28, Vilnius, Lithuania Registration: 302942057 VAT code: LT100007448516 (owner of mailerlite.com mailing service)

Landingi Sp. z o.o., headquarters ul. Witkiewicza 6, 44-100, Gliwice, NIP: 6762461659, REGON: 122774425, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs in the District Court in Gliwice, 10th Department of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000449404 (landing page landing site owner landingi.pl)

The webisite Przelewy24 is used by PayPro SA, ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, tel. +48 (61) 642 93 44, WWW: www.przelewy24.pl, e-mail: serwis@przelewy24.pl. PayPro SA – entered into the National Paying Authority into the register of domestic payment institutions maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the number of the entity in UKNF IP24 / 2014 (incoming payment operator)

The company PayPal means PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. and subsidiaries and affiliates (incoming payment operator)

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Attention: Privacy Officer 55 Almaden Blvd, Suite 600 San Jose, CA 95113

www.invanto.com/terms/ (website providing webinars – online conferences)

  1. To use this Website, standard devices with software are required to allow browsing the web pages, as well as having an email inbox and the ability to communicate via email.
  • 2. Subject of Service
  1. The subject of the Website is providing its subscribers free and paid education, through on-line “live” conferences, sharing their archives and by selling courses, trainings and conferences.
  2. The content presented on the website www.mindbodyspirit.com.pl and mindbodyspirit.pl can’t absolutely be treated as a medical advice or as a medical opinion in the case of any health problem or treatment. Even if the description published in the article or on audio and video recordings and webinars is compatible with current medical knowledge, it may not apply to a specific case, symptoms or therapy. The listener should remember that assistance in matters of health should always be sought in contact with a specialist, a doctor, a physician, pharmacist, physiotherapist or nurse. The information on the website can not be used as a basis for self-diagnosis, treatment or any health-related activities. They are also not able to replace a visit to a doctor, veterinarian or pharmacist.
  3. The information presented on this website and presented during on-line conferences and their archival records are of a purely training nature and are based on the subjective view of the website’s creators.
  • 3. Use of the free services on the Website
  1. Users can participate in on-line conferences and view archive records of these conferences via the Website.
  2. To implement these services, it is necessary to register for the Newsletter in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  3. The subscriber will be informed each time by email about upcoming events. In order to participate in such an event, the User must complete a specifically prepared form.
  4. Completing the form does not guarantee participation in the on-line conference, as conference rooms have a limited number of places – the “first come, first served” principle applies.
  5. The organizer of the on-line conference is not responsible for:
    – no vacancies at the online conference,
    – any technical difficulties,
    – transmitted content by invited speakers
  • 4. Use of paid services on the Website
  1. Through the Website Users can participate in paid conferences and buy courses and trainings promoted by the website www.mindbodyspirit.com.pl and mindbodyspirit.pl
  2. To execute the Transaction, it is necessary to place an order by activating the appropriate options available on the website, and follow the instructions given to the ordering party at each stage of the ordering procedure.
  3. A prerequisite for an efficient order placement is providing the necessary data and information on the Website and performing other activities each time accurately described on the Website or in correspondence.
  4. Each order is verified by sending an email to the address provided by the User when placing the order. Receiving an email informing about the positive status of the order for delivery means that the order has been placed correctly.
  5. Orders are processed after the Administrator receives the payment made by the payment channels available on the Website (available via Przelewy24 and PayPal) for payment of the price and any other costs specific to the given product, information about which will always be provided on the Website and in the ordering process.
  6. Personal data of Customers making payments for purchased goods / products / services are transferred to the Przelewy24 Service, which is used by PayPro SA, ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, tel. +48 (61) 642 93 44, WWW: www.przelewy24.pl, e-mail: serwis@przelewy24.pl. PayPro SA – entered into the National Paying Authority into the register of domestic payment institutions maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the number of the entity in UKNF IP24 / 2014
    The transfer concerns personal data necessary to complete the payment by przelewy24.pl.
  7. The basic method of delivery of the ordered product is the electronic way (sending the product access to the e-mail address given during the ordering).
  8. Users may receive an Account after making a transaction. To receive the Account, it is necessary to provide the data that should appear. To receive an invoice, please send an email to info@mindbodyspirit.com.pl
  9. The invoice will be issued by:

Mind Body Investment LTD
22 Pershore Drive,
Burton-O-Trend, Branston, DE14 3TY
United Kingdom
company number: 11310086

  1. Users, as part of the transaction, receive tickets for the Webinar / Kurs or tickets for the Webinar / Kurs together with the recording of the meeting or the meeting itself. Each meeting is recorded and made available only on-line on a specially prepared website and secured by a password (service invanto.com)
  2. 11 All VIDEO materials and textual content made available at www.mindbodyspirit.com.pl mindbodyspirit.pl and invanto.com are protected by copyright and can not be stored in the computer, internet and other computer networks without the consent of the administrator.
  • 5. Competitions and Awards
  1. During the on-line conference, various competitions will be organized and prizes will be distributed.
  2. The method of distribution of prizes and selection of winners of competitions will be each time determined and discussed by the Organizer at a conference or on specifically prepared websites.
  3. The winner of the competition has the right to refuse to accept the prize without giving a reason.
  4. The organizer of the competition is not responsible for the settlement of valuable prizes with the appropriate Tax Office by the winner of the competition.
  5. The organizer will send prizes to the winners at their own expense or will be forwarded in electronic form – an email with access to the product.
  6. Any entries regarding competitions and prizes will be processed on an ongoing basis by the Administrator within no more than 14 days from receiving the receipt of the complaint application.
  • 6. Complaints and Returns
  1. Any complaints due to any disruptions in the functioning of the Website, comments adressed towards it and all other matters related to the purpose and object of the Website can be made by Users by reporting to the Administrator or persons acting as website or User guardians, sent electronically to the email address: info@mindbodyspirit.com.pl.
  2. Complaints will be processed on an ongoing basis by the Administrator within 14 days of receipt of the complaint, however the Administrator reserves the right to leave the complaint unanswered, if it concerns dysfunctions resulting from ignorance of the Regulations and non-compliance by the User with advice and information appearing on a regular basis on the pages of the Website.
  3. Each Customer ordering a product has the right to return it within 14 days without giving a reason.
  4. The refund shall be made by sending a message to the Administrator, in which the User declares that he intends to use the right of return, providing his data (name and e-mail), product name, date and purchase price. For the effectiveness of such a notification, it is necessary to send an email from the mailbox that was provided by the User when placing the order.
  5. Within 7 days of receiving the email about the intention to return, the Administrator will respond to the User about the Administrator’s decision regarding the given refund.
  6. The refund to the User of funds paid for the payment of the product price will be made by the Administrator within a period not longer than 14 days from the day of receiving the return statement, only in the form of a transfer to a bank account.
  • 7. Final Provisions
  1. The Administrator shall not make available in any other way than the purpose of the Website and the scope of granted consents and declarations, information and data about Users to any other third parties without a legal basis ordering the Administrator to do so and ensures that every effort is made to ensure that this information is guarded properly, and in particular in the manner provided for by the provisions of the Act on the protection of personal data and regulations issued on its basis.
  2. The Administrator reserves the right to temporarily completely or partially exclude the Website in order to improve it, add services or carry out maintenance without prior notice to the Users.
  3. The Administrator is not responsible for the loss of the Website data collected in the Administrator’s IT systems, caused by hardware failure, Internet network dysfunction, loss due to third-party actions.
  4. The Administrator reserves the right to anonymous publication of content directed by the Users to the Website service team, regarding issues related to the functioning of the Website (FAQs), advice given and others, which the Administrator will recognize that responses to this content are worth making public.
  5. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce or any other use, fully or partially, of information, data or other content available on or from the Website without the consent of the Administrator, except for permitted uses under the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Dz. U. 1994 No. 24 item 83).
  6. The Administrator reserves the right to assign in whole or in part all of his rights and obligations related to the Website.
  7. All provisions of these Regulations may be changed by the Administrator at any time, without giving reasons. The changes will be published on a regular basis in the form of a uniform text of the Regulations on the pages of the Website along with information about their implementation.
  8. After the publication of information on changes in the Regulations on the Website, the User should read the changes immediately, because logging in or any other activity on the Website made after such announcement is unambiguous with the acceptance of the new content of the Regulations by the User.
  9. In the event of not accepting changes in the Regulations, the User should refrain from using the Website, and if he is a regular User, for whom amendments to the Regulations may be of significance, he should inform the Administrator promptly.
  10. A statement of non-acceptance of changes in the Regulations shall entail the deletion of the User from participation in all aspects of the permanent functioning of the Website.