Practical neuroscience and quantum physics to hack your future – Jonathan Fritzler

Author Wiktoria Szczęch

I am very happy to announce that we have just published the #4 episode of the “Mind, Body & Spirit Connection” podcast.

In this interview I spoke with Jonathan Fritzler – a social entrepreneur, author, poet, digital nomad, surfer, and metaphysician on a mission to awaken hearts and minds. He is also the founder of 4 non-profit organisations, two of them which are Mind Lab Institute and Hack Your Education.

A series of tragic events guided him to his unique talents which he now uses to help others. He beautifully combines quantum physics with buisness strategy, spiritual development with finding a proffesional path. After this interview I felt deeply inspired and motivated to find my own mission and I deeply believe you will also.


In this podcast you will learn:

  • What tragic events guided Jonathan onto his path of spiritual growth?
  • What is an insighting incident?
  • The voice that stopped a potential tragedy
  • What happens with suppressed emotions?
  • How finding your purpose in life lets you go through anything.
  • What is the Mind Lab Institute?
  • The Power of Now
  • The mind of our planet
  • The Mind Lab technology
  • How can buisness combine with spiritual development?
  • Limiting beliefs and how to rewind them
  • What is Sacred Strategy?

Jonathan Fritzler is a social entrepreneur, author, poet, digital nomad, surfer, and metaphysician on a mission to awaken hearts and minds. He believes business is a powerful tool for creating sustainable solutions to our worlds greatest challenges.

He started his first business at 14 years old and went on to start 4 non profit organizations and a $1M recording studio in Hawaii. At 21, he nearly died after being hit by a truck on a scooter, and soon after experienced a spiritual awakening.

He received a divine call to action. He began at once organizing events and launching companies designed to awaken humanity. Jonathan presented a TED talk about his book “Hack Your Education” and is the founder of 4 non profit organizations.

As a trusted advisor to business leaders, educators, and students Jonathan’s curriculum explores how to find deeper purpose in life by aligning passion and career in order to reach significantly higher levels of sustained motivation in relationships, and business.

As a representative to the United Nations Association and holds a degree in International Business and Management. Jonathan leverages 12 years of mentorship experience which helps him understand the challenges facing various markets with uncanny clarity. As a healer he worked with clients healing from terminal illness including various types of Cancer, Autoimmune diseases, and mental illness and helps people create healing strategies as a “rite of passage” to embark on a journey of transformation, together.

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