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#004: Practical neuroscience and quantum physics to hack your future – Jonathan Fritzler

In this podcast I spoke with Jonathan Fritzler – a social entrepreneur, author, poet, digital nomad, surfer, and metaphysician on a mission to awaken hearts and minds. He is also the founder of 4 non-profit organisations, two of them which are Mind Lab Institute and Hack Your Education. A series of tragic events guided him to his unique talents which he now uses to help others. He beautifully combines quantum physics with buisness strategy, spiritual development with finding a proffesional path. After this interview I felt deeply inspired and motivated to find my own mission and I deeply believe you will also.

#003: Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice – Connie Kaplan

In this podcast I spoke with Connie Kaplan who is a pioneer in the world of dreaming. She has a very unusual outlook onto dreaming which she speaks about in her books like „Dreams are Letters from the Soul”, „Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice” or „Dream Circle Leadership. Once working in TV production an unexpected illness guided her to her life path of dreaming. Today she helps women all over the world, leads dream circles and helps souls find their life purpose. Her website is www.turtledreamers.com where you join an online dream circle where woman all over the world integrate through their dreams.

#002-Feminine connection to natures cycles – Wiktoria Szczech

#001: New Beginning – The Mind Body & Spirit Podcast

This is the firs episode where I introduce our project mindbodyspirit.com.pl and our co-host Wiktoria.

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