My name is Paweł Dempc and I’m the founder or the mindbodyspirit project. I have started this platform alone, to share topics about our health that are not as obvious as most people think. I’ve realized that most of my life was like walking in a mist, without any connection to myself. Since 2011 when I was 31 I’ve decided to do make changes in the way that I live. I started to focus on my physical health and nutrition. I started to exercise every day, before and after my work (strengths training, indoor cycling, Pilates and later yoga).

Indoor cycling (Spinning) was my main physical practice that was the training when I really felt connection to my body and intuitively started to meditate. I felt big progress and internal happiness during that time.

It was 2014 when I switched my diet to a vegetarian diet and started to meditate with people during Om chanting sessions and sing mantras. This type of meditation was like a balsam for my soul. After two years of practice I felt a deep connection to my body, emotions and environment. This state of deep awareness was accompanying me every time when I was walking or traveling alone. Since then my meditation is just being with myself with connection to inner senses and outer incentives. I’ve noticed that it really doesn‘t matter if I am in the forest or in big shopping center in the middle of a city. I’ve realized that I can connect to the energetic fields of local environment and people.

All those experiences inspired me to share this with others. I decided to create an online platform and started to invite the most valuable people that I’ve met and the best experts in holistic health.

My mission is to let most of the people know about their self healing abbilities. I share wisdom about different forms of meditation and practices that are focusing on deeper connection to yourself. That connection makes you healthy an lets you flow with your full potential. The methods that we share could help you find your inner balance and a relationship with yourself and later with other people.

This was a Polish project since January 2016 till September 2018. Starting now, we are creating an international English platform to share knowledge about holistic health and spirituality. We use podcasts and live webinars as a main tool to share experience of experts that we invite to us. Until September 2016 we have created 60 webinars and 7 online workshops with 42 different experts. I was creating this project alone as a host, video, audio and image editor, podcaster, marketer and customer supporter.

From now on (September 2018) we are creating this project together with Wiktoria and Kamila. They have decided to help me to share this valuable knowledge internationally creating the English content of our website.

Wiktoria is a main host of our upcoming English podcast and webinars, and Kamila is creating a content on our Facebook and Instagram Pages and soon also a host in different topic webinars and podcasts. Let’s meet them closer…


My name is Wiktoria and I am an artist, american native speaker and collaborater at mindbodyspirit.com.pl.

In the meantime I also give lectures about woman’s connection to natures cycles.


I am very passionate about my spiritual growth and connecting with nature.

My dreams give me guidance on my spiritual path and manifest my paintings into rea

lity. My mission is to remind people about their connection – to their cycles, dreams, nature, sisters and brothers.

Listen to Wictoria’s first podcast:


My name is Kamila, which means „Chamomile”.
I studied English philology and Recall Healing (Total Biology).

I am a shy creature who feels deep connection to animals and nature. I walk barefoot through the forest at sunset with my dearest black cat, Fig. I find safety in the mist and mountains.
I’m interested in spirit animals, herbalism, various ways of working with the Subconscious and epigenetics. I have great respect towards ancient wisdom of my Slavic ancestors.
I search for harmony in all things, striving to achieve my fullest potential.