Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice

Author Wiktoria Szczęch

Dreams have always fascinated me. The ones where I swam in the deep blue waters with a whale or on the back of a turtle. I always wondered what this powerful experiences were trying to tell me. The moment I heard about the book “Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice” I knew it would be the answer to all my questions. This knowledge is so deeply astonishing. After a unexpected turn of events I had the honour to speak with Connie Kaplan – the author of the same book that I felt so deeply.

Everything that I learned you can listen to in the interview published in the #3 episode of the Mind, Body & Spirit Connection podcast. In this conversation I went into an even deeper understanding of the power of dreaming and how we can grow by using it a spiritual practice.

Once working in TV production Connie was paralized by an unexpected illness which guided her to her life path of dreaming. Today she helps women all over the world, leads dream circles and helps souls find their life purpose. Her website is www.turtledreamers.com where you join an online dream circle where woman all over the world integrate through their dreams.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How an unexpected turn of events guided Connie to the path of dreaming
  • Connie’s unusual definition of the word ‘dream’
  • What is dreaming in the context of a spiritual practice
  • What is the difference between this view on dreaming and lucid dreaming
  • Why lucid dreaming is not the highest form of dreaming
  • What steps can you take to walk a path of dreaming as a spiritual practice
  • What we willl be speaking about next time we see Connie at the live webinar

Connie Kaplan is a spiritual teacher who lives in Los Angeles, California.

In 1986 Connie was struck with a mysterious illness that sent her to bed for over 18 months, ending a successful career in television production. She slept most of the time while she was ill, and did a lot of dreaming. The work that she shares with the world now, she was actually taught “in the dream” by dream-teachers. In the years since her recovery she has undergone a number of mystical experiences during which she received valuable spiritual information about dreaming and the true nature of human incarnation.

Through her books, she shares that information with you:

The Woman’s Book of Dreams
Dreams are Letters from the Soul
The Invisible Garment
A Colorful Life

Neither a guru nor a channel, Dr. Kaplan is simply a powerful and popular spiritual instructor whose revolutionary information does not point toward the teacher, but rather toward the unique and genuine wisdom of the student.

Dr. Kaplan holds Master’s degrees in Communications and Psychology and a Doctorate of Ministry.

I also have some very exciting news – Connie will be our guest on our first live webinar at mindbodyspirit.com.pl/en/! We will meet on the 2nd of October at 20.00! This will be an extention of what you heard in the podcast. You will learn about:

  • An explanation of how this particular way of working with dreams came to be
  • A new definition for the understanding and interpreting of dreams
  • An explanation of how the moon influences our dreaming patterns
  • A description of the thirteen types of dreams that we’ve identified in our 28 years of working in this way
  • Some of the ways I work with people internationally

If you feel this knowledge so deeply like me and thousands all over the world, sign up for the live webinar here: https://mindbodyspirit.com.pl/connie-kaplan/. Can’t wait to see you!



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  2. http://www.theinvisiblegarment.com
  3. https://mindbodyspirit.com.pl/connie-kaplan/
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