MONDAY 25th March 8:00 PM CET (Poland)

Change Your Breath Transform Your Health

Patrick McKeown

Director of the Buteyko Clinic International

The Secret of Nasal Breathing

 Buteyko Method

The commonly taught instruction to 'take a deep (big) breath' is entirely the wrong thing to do if your goal is to relax and improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain.

Clients exhibiting mouth breathing, upper chest breathing and chronic hyperventilation syndrome will remain stuck unless breathing pattern disorders are addressed. 

This is of particular relevance to those suffering from panic attacks, high stress levels and anxiety. 

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Teaching simple breathing exercises to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain is pertinent in helping clients to overcome anxiety, panic and stress.

Webinar will focus on the science of improving oxygen uptake in the blood, improving oxygen delivery to the cells and improving blood circulation. Through the breath, one can alter temperature, open airways and activate the bodies relaxation response within five minutes.


Patrick McKeown

Director of the Buteyko Clinic International

Patrick McKeown is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. In 2002, Patrick completed his clinical training in the Buteyko Breathing Method at the Buteyko Clinic, Moscow, Russia. This training was accredited by Professor Konstantin Buteyko. Having suffered from asthma, rhinitis and sleep-disordered breathing for over 20 years, Patrick is able to offer both theoretical knowledge and his own experiences to help clients to overcome similar challenges.

To date, Patrick has written seven books and produced four DVD sets on the Buteyko Method, including two Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk bestsellers for the management of asthma: Close Your Mouth and Asthma-Free Naturally. The Buteyko self-help manual Close Your Mouth has been translated into ten different languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Russian. His latest book titled The Oxygen Advantage, improves sports performance by addressing dysfunctional breathing patterns and simulating high altitude training. The Oxygen Advantage is currently available in English, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese and Polish. By September 2018, it will be published in German, Spanish, Chinese and Taiwanese.

Patrick is Clinical Director of the Buteyko Clinic International and Chairman of its Advisory Board. Patrick’s professional memberships include Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology and full member of the Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences. Patrick holds regular workshops and talks about breathing pattern disorders in countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Denmark, France, Holland, the UK, and his native Ireland. He has trained Buteyko practitioners from 38 countries and delivers group Buteyko courses in London, Dublin, Galway and Sydney. A TEDxspeaker,

Patrick’s work has touched the lives of thousands and more worldwide.Patrick’s work has been published by leading publishing houses including Harper Collins (UK), William Morrow Press (USA), Red Wheel Weiser (USA) and Sperling & Kupfer (Italy). Journal publications include The Journal of the American Orthodontic Society, Clinical Otolaryngology and American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine.



Wiktoria is a painter, etsy shop ("Wiktoria Alicja") owner, founder of the podcast "Awaken Your Creative Power". She is a creative, traveller, digital nomad and artist inspired by nature, the moon, spirits, dreams and animals.

She has also organised lectures for woman all over Europe helping them understand their cycle nature and feminine power. Her mission is for everyone to understand their true connection to the cycles and rythms of the Earth and find their authentic creative expression.

Wiktoria Alicja Szczęch


Fascinating content!! Great food for thought and material for inner growth as well as opening self up to Oneness

Agata Nowicka

Lauren Nicole

I absolutely loved this webinar. Connie is wonderful, I had her do a reading for me and my husband and I listen to my “I am” mantras at least once a month! I’ve been getting more understand of the moon cycles with my journey, and I love how Connie mentions to pay attention to the phase and the sign it is in at your birth and to pay attention to when those personal dreams come through. The idea of sharing with a group your dreams so we can see what is from the collective and what is personal... just love love love this!! This is the way of the future, as it was the way of our past.



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